Sail and Run - Episode 3, Seychelles.

Im Auftrag von Servus TV & Red Bull.

Director, Camera, Editing.

Porsche Ice Experience: Online-Commercial. Finnland.

Camera, Editing.

Showreel 2018 - Fenomenal Film



Imagefilm Regionalwerke.

Director, Camera, Editing, Idea.


Showreel (2013):

Director, Editing, Camera, VFX


Social Erasmus: Image Video ( 2013 )

Director, Camera, Editing, Idea

Cerro Rico - The Silver Mountain: 32 minutes Documentary, Bolivia.

Director, Camera, Editing (International Awards Winner)


Metamorfosis: Short-Documentary, Mexico, USA.

Director, Camera, Editing, Idea.


We Own Creativity - FH Salzburg Commercial

Director, Idea, Editing


Trailer - Sinkflug Movie:



Teaser - Sinkflug Movie :



Weekend on Wednesday: 20 Minutes FreeSki Movie ( 2014 )

Director, Camera, Editing

SPUR - Dancing at a Corner: Music Video (2014):

Director, Idea, Editing Music Video (2009)

Director, Idea, Editing

Pandoras Box: Special Effect Project, Melbourne, Australia (2011)

Director, Camera, Editing, Special Effects Music Video (2010)

Director, Camera, Idea, Editing

Renault Laola: Making of (2012)

Camera, Editing

Adidas: Making of ( 2014 )


Whaleshark: 3D Project (2009)